Heartlife is a home school co-op for students in grades 6 through 10. It provides a character based, liberal arts educational addition to the traditional homeschool fare.
It meets in four, 20 by 30 rooms in the basement of the Bridge House, a multi-denominational worship center in Milwaukie Oregon, Tuesday through Thursday.
Families apply in written and verbal form. The verbal process takes about an hour per family. Families commit to the following.

- Fee’s of $150 a month.
- Child gym membership.
- Two hours of parent involvement.
- A 3 hour monthly meeting.
- Supporting a 3-4 week travel experience at the end of the school year.

Heartlife Imagineering

All this being said, why have a home school co-op?

Time spent in casting influence. In a traditional youth ministry program a youth pastor may get two-four hours of influence a week with students. Usually a pre-church hour and a midweek meeting...coupled with a mission trip or a summer camp, etc.. With this system I get close to 30 hours a week of proximity influence with six to 10 hours of that direct and personal.

Family development
. When you spend 30 hours with their students in a character driven process and add to that 8-11 hours of parental investment, you get a huge window to help families address issues and concerns, many of which didn’t even come to mind until they entered the program.

Curricular engagement.
In a day and age when schools are shutting down valuable peripheries, we get to highlight them. Students this year match their chemistry, physical science, literature and history classes with drama, music, life fitness, dance and art. 

Character development.
Within the context of self discovery and the use of best effort, students learn to apply themselves in ways not typical in traditional education. The Character Process provides specific tools for understanding thought, actions, choices and self.

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